about us

We constantly improve our abilities and increase performance for the good reputation of our brand and maximum customer satisfaction.

About RTC Czech s.r.o.

RTC Czech has been active in the market since 2014, when it joined the New Store Europe Czech and the global company RTC.

We deal with conceptual solution for retail and Office objects from the first sketches to the actual realization of the work.

We design and realize ideal tailored solution, which includes strategy, imaginativeness of solutions, design of racks, their interactivity, installation, production and maintenance of the whole designed product.

We emphasize the ideal ratio of design and functionality of the whole, while maintaining high quality.

Our goal is to create long-term cooperation with clients and customers, whose absolute satisfaction is our priority.

There will be a team of experts with years of experience with the realisation of Small business units in prestigious centres from several tens of meters to the large commercial office of the International gigantic companies in the tens of thousands square meters.

Our clients and customers ‘ satisfaction is our priority.

Jan Řečinský, RTC Czech

Meet the RTC Czech team

Jan Řečinský

Country Manager

Martina Černá

Finance Manager

Jitka Panenková


Štepán Šmíd

Head of Construction

Tomáš Hrbek

Sales Manager

Jakub Zmrhal

Head of Product Dept.

Marek Sýkora

Project Manager

Jaroslav Rek

Project Manager HVAC

Michal Piškanin

Project Manager

Luděk Švec

Project Manager

Jan Skokan

Project Manager

Jan Friedrich

Purchase Manager

Jiří Frydrychovsky

Project Manager

Martin Šimánek

Project Manager

Stanislav Zmrhal